z30 giveaway

**Congratulations to Gary Mollo on winning the BlackBerry Z30!**

Here at Gadgism.com, we are starting 2014 in a cheerful mood by offering you a chance to win a BlackBerry Z30 smartphone!

Want to have a chance at being a lucky winner? Then follow the easy steps below to enter:

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4. Copy and paste the following from your Twitter,Facebook or Google+ account:

I want to start 2014 on the right foot by winning a @BlackBerry Z30 from @Gadgism. You can enter too! Enter here: http://goo.gl/vhGfyA ”

5. Leave a comment below telling us what your favorite feature is in BlackBerry 10 to confirm you have completed all the necessary steps.

6. That’s it! Good luck!

Contest runs until 11:59pm EST on January 14th, 2014.

  • Saihaj

    The blackberry 10 OS looks so cool and different to what is out there android is so messy! And Iphone is so locked down. But Blackberry 10 is clean and free and it looks like it can finally do multitasking right! I look at Blackberry 10 and it’s something I only dream of using the hub looks so convenient and so does peak! I also love that keyboard I used it on a demo model and my god! What an experience!! I also think story maker looks like such a fun feature I would use all the time! These are the things I love about Blackberry 10 but more specifically to the z30, it’s so big and beautiful and those speakers loom life changing!! I really enjoy Gadjism and I would be the biggest fan If I won this amazing device! :) please pick meee :)

  • Hello everyone, thanks for stopping in. Good luck!

  • Sergio Sandoval

    It keeps me connected to all my emails with out hesitation!

  • lifeskit

    I love how sleek it is.

  • Aloomis76

    I love the gestures and the true multitasking that keep a power user going all through the day. All of the items have been completed and my twitter is @_ALL_Good where I tweeted the phrase that pays ;)

  • ranjanclandad

    The HUB. One place for ALL of my email, text, and social networks.

  • iViLL

    I Love All of BlackBerry

  • David Bethala

    I love the 25+ hours of battery life! Z30 is really the BlackBerry 10 experience, amplified!

  • Janelle Hinds Inc

    I love bbm. Best messaging app

  • petertinh

    Done. I like BlackBerry Hub, Story Maker, BBM Channels and social Networks

  • vibhoragarwal

    My favourite feature of BlackBerry 10 is BlackBerry peak and flow…. how easy it is to manage the notifications

  • Jon Hunnings

    My favourite feature of BlackBerry 10 is the instant previews, allowing you to read and respond to emails and communications without the hassle of switching between apps in between! #BlackBerryWorks

  • Jokinchi

    Hello Gadgism I have completed the steps listed above. My favourite feature of the BlackBerry 10 Operating System is the BlackBerry Hub. This is because it helps me manage all my emails and social networks in one place. With the BlackBerry Hub, I don’t have to download individual Outlook, Gmail, and Yahoo Mail applications to manage emails. I can easily keep tabs of everything. In fact, the BlackBerry 10.2 lockscreen, where you can preview messages before you even unlock the device, is also very useful. Another feature I really like is the ability to sideload applications without the need to convert to .bar, as this helps make the process much easier, especially with either the Amazon or 1Mobile app stores installed, even though obviously not all applications are compatible.

    As of yet, I haven’t managed to get my hands of the BlackBerry Z30, but have heard about the amazing battery life, and other awesome features like BlackBerry Natural Sound technology (my favourite!) Thank you very much Gadgism for this awesome opportunity to win this giveaway, my twitter handle is @BBKingdomWeb

  • LaTanya Coleman

    My favorite feature in BlackBerry 10 is the Hub.

  • veeru789

    Followed on twitter and tweeted the msg. i don’t have a google+ account so i hope it wont be an issue if I don’t like this page of Google+ and FB.
    I have many fav features on BB10. HUB, peak and flow, multitasking, VKB, ect… if I had to choose one it would be the HUB.
    Hope to win the Z30. Good luck to all.

    • Hi Veeru, nice to see you stopping by. Any social account will do. Good luck!

      • veeru789

        Thanks Joe. The new site looks good. all the best.

  • Steve Jones

    Shared via G+ & Twitter. No Facebook account

    My favourite features are BBM Connected apps and the amazing Keyboard

  • Kevin Ahoy

    Favourite part of BlackBerry 10 is the HUB, of course. Everything I need, one gesture away.

  • Houshinto

    My favorite part of BB10 is Active Frames. There’s no other Smartphone OS that can multitasking the way BB10 can. Truly a beast for those who do!

  • mundo472

    Thanks!! I’d just tweeted about the flawless multitasking on my z10. Blaq, hitting links for browser, and streaming live CES video, without so much as a hiccup!!!

  • bbpb

    I like every feature of BlackBerry 10, and it will only get better. It would be nice to have the USB host and natural sound in my hands.

  • Black Berry

    I love the gesture based os

  • PowerWheelz #BB10

    USB hosting for sure. Thanks

  • Rangga Rahadian

    i love BB10’s user interface! so elegant and uniqe. i love the BB hub, the gestures, and the camera’s time shift too!

  • Ann-Louise Winter

    I love the Hub – the ease at which I can access all my messages in one place is a great time-saver! I’d be incredibly frustrated if I had to go separately into different apps for my 4 email accounts, BBM, Twitter and the occasional text. The best part has to be the Priority Hub for my most important contacts. I find the UI very efficient – finding and doing things with my Q10 is easy. What would make everything complete is the USB hosting on the Z30 and the awesome 5″ screen for watching videos and BBM Video calls overseas. Liked/shared on Facebook, tweeted and followed on Twitter, added to Google+. P.S. It would make an awesome birthday present! :D

  • Melvin Evans

    I love the way the HUB handles all my work and personal needs with ease. No need for multiple devices, and I can do so with ease. Good luck everyone.

  • Kutty MD

    My favorite feature has to be peek, just so handy when you want to refer back to what you are responding to. The best feature though has to be hub, good god is it amazing: Everything in one place, just awesome, and so Blackberry. Liked/shared on Facebook, tweeted and followed on Twitter, added to Google+.

  • Jess

    Hub and headless apps are so great!!!

  • Joe Scheller

    Like a lot of people, I’m in love with the hub, and how the “flow” happens. The OS is clean and on the Q10, I love the dark theme. I dream about owning a Z30 and I’m starting to lose faith in att. If I won, I would be the happiest and proudest BlackBerry owner, ever.

  • Chad M

    First thank you for the contest, but the reason why I use and support BlackBerry 10 is how the OS works with me and not against me. The Hub is by far the best creation with the Keyboard as a close second.

  • jcraig3k

    My favorite part feature is how seamlessly the OS flows from one screen and app to the next.

  • Maddie So

    I haven’t personally used BB10 as yet but from the tutorial videos on Blackberry.com, I anticipate using the upgraded features of the email app and messaging in general and using the Remember app. Those apps look really good.

  • Michael

    My absolute favorite is the hub. Love how everything is right there without having to open individual apps to check different accounts. Life moves much quicker now. Just wanna see it on a bigger screen like the Z30

  • Toby Clench

    My favourite feature on BlackBerry 10 has to be peek and flow into the Hub – really useful feature!

    Winning a Z30 would also help me with developing on the BlackBerry 10 platform as I would need a Z30 device to be able to test applications and games effectively.

    I hope that I am in with a chance of winning this awesome competition and I have completed all of the necessary and required steps

  • Brianne Collette

    Blackberry hub is the best feature!!

  • Anthony Perdue

    My favorite feature of BlackBerry 10 is being able to access files on my PC through BlackBerry Link. No more forgetting files when I leave the house!

  • Alex Tarba

    yo. i love the instant previews and the hub! maybe i can use them on z 30 hehe :)

  • Shawn Harvey

    Good luck to all :)

  • Stephen Carney :)

    Love BlackBerry Hub….. all in one place only thing is can’t get z30 in Ireland

  • AKA_GodinGal

    more than one favourite feature. time shift camera, remember app, hub, voice and video in bbm

  • Pyrotexhnics

    Gotta love the swipe gestures and work flow. Makes navigating through apps/hub extremely quick!

  • Daytripper67

    My favorite feature of BlackBerry 10 are the Time Shift and ability to side load apps :-)

  • Petra Maier

    HUB ~ Multitasking ~ Security ~ Flow…swipingstylishexclusive ♥ :))


    The hub is the best feature

  • Ralf withF彡

    Lot of work, give me a Chance guys ;-) 彡

  • konvajw

    Fav. is the predictive “flick” typing. made easy transition to touch screen smartphone for me.

  • Thomas Wolcott

    my favorite feature in BlackBerry10 is the peek and flow

  • Patrick Billings

    BlackBerry HUB, Flow, Integrated Dropbox and Box, BBM Channels, BBM, microHDMI, NFC, & the Remember App are my favorite features of my BlackBerry Q10. Really enjoy native apps and Android ports as well.

    Looking forward to that Z30 (STA100-5) with 10.2 so I can have Priority HUB, USB on the Go, Quick Settings, Miracast, long battery life for a 5″ device, and Natural Sound.

  • Vivien Adams

    Looking forward to that Z30 so I can have , USB on the Go, long battery life, a 5″ screen and Natural Sound.

  • Shane Dobrovich

    I absolutely love the Hub. I hated having to go through so many different applications on other devices in order to see my texts and emails, and with the Hub, I simply have to swipe from one screen to the next or see everything listed all at once. It’s such an innovative feature. I love it on my Q10 but I bet the experience on the z30 is a million times better. I know a few people who would love to try my Q but since it’s my only phone right now, that’s not an option. Hopefully I win so I can share the BB love :D

  • Robert Scharf

    I would love to ditch my Lumia for a Z30

  • Robert Scharf

    USB sharing is my favorite BB10 feature. I so want to kick my lumia to the curb for a Z30.

  • What I love about BlackBerry first is its simplicity and elegance. One of the most useful features is Hub which enables you to quickly view what you actually need without doing 3-4 additional steps. Time shift option in camera is one of the best features that you can one find in one and which should be a must. Countless times we had photos ruined because someone blinked or because someone passed right by as you were taking the picture. With Time Shift that isn’t a problem because you can capture and choose the moment you want.
    BBM is the service which can actually rival Skype by its usefulness. Video calling is simply amazing feature because the front camera actually does something instead of being just there like on other phones.

    Android APK loading. Oh my god, this feature is actually one of the killer features which should be heavily promoted as much possible. No more converting to the .apk to .bar, just a simple instal directly from APK. With third party stores this one becomes better droid than the actual droid. Security was always a part of Blackberry’s image and it just gets better and better in BB OS 10.

    One of the most intuitive and self aware keyboards that I have ever seen. The keyboard actually learns from you, it adapts to your style and presents you with various options for doing your typing even faster and completing everything rather quickly.
    Last but not least is its battery life. No matter what you hear it will always outperform battery life of most Androids and Iphone.

    BB10 phones are one of the most useful phones you can have and it would be just amazing to try them in vivo.

  • USB sharing, wireless charging … are things I want to try out.

  • Sam Rosu

    Absolutely rocking start to the New Yea!

  • victor

    Awesome contest! My Favourite feature of BB10 is honestly the battery life.

  • iPhoner

    Possible switch from iPhone favorite feature is the hub.

  • Robert Gipe

    I love the Hub!!!!

  • Daytripper67

    I love everything about BlackBerry 10. Every feature. But especially Time Shift and reception.

  • Joel Smith

    I would love this phone. BB10 is great

  • Vuong Anh

    Ị want OS BB10 must more complete

  • CementBrain

    I think BlackBerry is heading in the right direction, with BlackBerry 10 and the Z30 is the BEST example yet!

  • Joey Fazzari

    BB10 software in general plus Hub

  • ahmed

    I love bb10 os because it’s the fastest os i’v ever seen :)

  • Geoff Kneen

    Luv the hub. Android runtime is also cool

  • mundo472

    I just left a post on G+ (I’d already posted on Twitter). I finally played withe the device yesterday and was stunned. Love my Z10 but the 30 is even slicker and loses nothing to the 10. Also impressed they won the @wired CES thunderdome

  • Peter Elliot

    I love the gesture motions on the bb10 operating system! :) I am familiar with the other BlackBerry 10 models but haven’t had the chance to use the z30. I would love to win it! :)

  • Muhammad Said

    absolutly Blackberry Massenger

  • Kevin

    Best of luck! I’m not a google+ user :(

  • Kevin

    Now following on Google+. Please pick me!

  • Alejandro Díaz

    All steps completed, what I love about BB10 the most is its multitasking capabilities.

  • Robert Friedman

    OS10 is the best operating system no one is even close. Security, best virtual keyboard, fast Internet speeds, UI, I could go on and on.

  • Andy N

    Love the Priority Hub

  • Brandy B

    I follow on Twitter, Liked & Shared Gadgism on FB & Follow you on Google+. My Favorite Features are (in no particular order) 1. Accurate keyboard 2.Fewer dropped calls 3.The Apps 4.the 25 hour Battery Life 5. Face-to-Face BBM (Awesome Feature) 6.Fast Browsing 7.Security 8.16 GB storage 9. the 5″ all touch screen 10.The Transform Shell, Accessories AND BlackBerry Z30 Support. This Little Beauty has it all. I’d Love to win this!

  • Hoot

    Long Battery Life is so Important & Fast Browsing with fewer dropped calls is what I love best!

  • Harvey

    You gotta love how quickly you can peek into your hub from any app you’re working in to see who sent you a message when your indicator blinks! This is one truly multi-tasking device.

    Thanks Gadgism for holding this contest! Good luck everyone!

  • Bev

    My favorite feature in the Blackberry Z10 is the Blackberry runtime for Android. I have completed all the steps needed for this giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Snowx2k5

    Has to be the hub….without a doubt!

  • Estella miller

    If I had been fortunate enough to own a Blackberry, I would say The Hub sounds like an amazing feature.

  • Christian Ampoloquio

    My favorite features on BlackBerry 10 are: The Blackberry Hub, The Easy Unlock and Bedside Mode, The Time Shift in the Camera, The Great Keyboard, and the Integrated Services. These what makes BB10 awesome to me and separates from other OS out there.

  • dung spitta

    Love the hub, peak, keyboard, but the multitasking and sharing capabilities are second to none. I love when friends or “shoulder creep peeks” look at me on my z10 and say hey, how did you do that so fast, what app are you using or how do I get my phone to do that. It’s the greatest feeling in the world to show them my screen and then point to the blackberry logo at the bottom and tell them, sorry, but your phone can’t do what this mine does.

  • Darryn Lee

    Bigger battery is a WIN WIN WIN!

  • GL_R

    The Hub and Peek are the best features hands down. i will be crossing my fingers in hopes that i win.

  • erick garcia

    What I like most about bb10 is its unique platform which works seamlessly to save me time.

  • Andrew Pham

    Steps 1-4 Done Followed and Tweeted


    Fave feature by far is the Blackberry Hub :)

  • vilmark

    The hub would be the thing im looking to trying the most.

  • Tammy D

    I think I would enjoy the Hub!

  • blessedta

    The hub

  • Isaac C

    Blackberry Hub

  • SueSueper

    The HUB looks like the coolest feature.

    I have completed all necessary tasks.

  • my favorite feature is the large screen and sleek design

  • Brenda Penton

    I like the Camera with Time Shift Mode

  • Russell

    The BB Hub is a great feature.

  • Gary Mollo

    I feel that BlackBerry has several key features that make BlackBerry 10 great, but my favorite is the integration of QWERTY Keyboard on Q5/Q10. Typically can’t hold any water to it!

    • Shawn Harvey

      Congrats on winning the BlackBerry Z30. Please check your email inbox for further instructions on how to claim your prize :)

  • Alex

    Limiting it down to just one feature isn’t fair!! From the keyboard, to the hub to the battery, there’s lots to love about this phone!! But the top of my list is the hub, helps keep everything organised and the fact tha it’s a swipe away, what’s not to love!! Getting this for 2014 will surely make my year!

  • irish_iis

    I love the battery life, For those all-nighters at work.

  • Kang Agus

    My favorite features in BlackBerry 10 :
    – virtual keyboard
    – BlackBerry Hub
    – time shift on camera mode
    – fast browsing
    – true multitasking
    – BBM video call and screen sharing
    – USB On-the-go ; new features on Z30
    That all favorite features on BlackBerry 10 and many more…
    Love BlackBerry…love BlackBerry 10

  • linda

    I love this phone. If there ever was a contest I would want to win, this is it. Excellent battery life.
    Awesome hub.
    Time shift.
    Amazing large screen.
    USB on the go.
    Really fast processor.
    Awesome speakers
    Plus plus plus……………….

    I love it

  • Nocturnalones

    I love the hub and peek and flow.

  • john hughes

    My favorite feature on my Z 10 is the keyboard. It is so easy to type on and the ease of choosing words is far superior than any other.

  • RaDZiFaSHa

    what i like about OS 10? The ability to install APKs!! Best of both world I might say. :-)