Thursday, September 21, 2017

Joe Jerde

Founder at Also known to be a musician (@josefscoat), oil painter, entrepreneur, web designer, and Wing Chun Kung-Fu master.

Morons running San Francisco think pee-repellent walls will stop public urination

It takes a special kind of moron to think that people who publicly urinate will stop doing so if a little splash-back happens to...

Pakistan sees BlackBerry Secure Messaging as a Security Issue

Pakistan's Telecommunication Authority has now ordered local carriers to shut down BlackBerry Enterprise Service (BES) starting Nov 30th due to security reasons. BlackBerry has been...

YouTube App Now Plays Vertical Videos On Fullscreen

In a recent update to the YouTube App, Google has finally quelled our many years of suffering that we've received from having to watch...

Get Early Access To Street Fighter V On Sony PlayStation 4

The next chapter of the legendary Street Fighter series is now available to play exclusively on Sony PlayStation 4. Street Fighter V is powered...

How To Make Any YouTube Video Into An Animated GIF

Looking to capture a YouTube video into an Animated GIF, but don't want have to mess around with 3rd party converters that may or may...

Top 10 Chrome Apps for Back to School

School is back in session for 2014, and now that the reality of summer is gone it's time to get back to school and...

The Top 5 Music Streaming Services

Thanks to music streaming services, we now have the ability to listen to unlimited songs. However, there are several options out there that can...

Top 25 Google Search Tips

Google really is the one stop source to all knowledge you will ever need to research or know. Just "Google it" has become a...

How to Make a Mini Cardboard Box Theater Room

So you've been clamoring to put together that private theater room you've always dreamed about, but you're short on cash and won't have the funds...

All You Need To Know About The New OnePlus One

After several weeks of anticipation, the OnePlus One has officially been announced today via live online broadcast. The OnePlus One is being propped up...
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