Beats Music App

Beats Music will be officially available on Jan 21st. The project is a cumulation of two years of planning and work to be able to bring about a new unique type of music streaming service. At this time you can visit the website and claim your username early before the launch date. If you aren’t familiar with the Beats name, they are the makers of the popular BeatsbyDre audio earphones.

The Beats music streaming service will launch on three mobile platforms – iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Brian Heater from Engadget was able to get a sneak peek at the iOS version of the app and described it as “somewhere between a Spotify and a Pandora, offering up custom playlists based on your listening habits.” The Beats company also explains the playlists as more of a “feels like, not sounds like” feature that will follow your listening habits based on your location, which will in turn bring up playlists at the gym, work, ect.

At launch, the Beats Music service will offer a cool 20 millions songs for $10/month. No word on if they’ll offer a free lite version yet, but it would be smart if they want to compete with Spotify and Google Music.

Via: Engadget
Source: IanRogersBlog