Last week during Yahoo’s CEO  Marissa Mayer’s CES keynote, it was made official that Yahoo had acquired smart homescreen app Aviate. If you’re not familiar with Aviate, it’s an Android app that gives users a dynamic home screen with personalized mixture of your apps and information that are thought to be beneficial.

With Aviate, you’re able to have constantly-changing homescreen for your smartphone based on the time of day or where you’re located.

We founded Aviate with a mission to make our phones smarter and organize themselves around us, instead of vice versa. In short, make our phones simpler. We’re thrilled you love the product and want you to know that we are committed to continued innovation of Aviate. The technology and product will remain the same — it’s simply going to get better, faster.

AVIATE – The Intelligent Homescreen that Simplifies Your Phone

Aviate is still currently in private beta, but they’re opening it up to the first 25,000 people who use code “YAHOO” to celebrate their joyful news. You can download the app via Google Play.

Source: Aviate/Yahoo