A dead smartphone for many a daily nightmare. Eagle Tech is trying to help alleviate that fright by launching a line of portable battery chargers. The first product, Neptor NP056K Portable Battery Pack, is a lightweight dual-port battery charger, that comes in several different colors to help match your personality or style.

The high-quality 5600mAh lithium polymer battery will keep you going with over 500+ recharges, giving you a long-lasting product that is sure to bring satisfaction to your smartphone woes. The included color matching micro USB cable, with its tangle-free rubber enclosure, will give you a hassle-free connectivity.

We wanted to have fun with the line, so we began with the name: Neptor derives its name from the planet Neptune, which produces more energy than the sun

The Neptor NP560K is available from several retailers, including Amazon, Best Buy, Brookstone, Newegg & TigerDirect. You can also purchase the Neptor directly from their website,, for $49.99.