WinZip seems to be looking at expanding on their consumer file sharing service, as they’ve recently launched a public beta of their latest product, ZipShare.

At first glance, this service seems to be a spruced up upgrade to their ZipSend service. Currently in beta, the new ZipShare is a web app that connects to your cloud accounts including Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, HighTail, OneDrive, SugarSync and CloudMe to easily protect, send and manage files. ZipShare uses WinZip’s trusted Zip compression to convert files into smaller packages that are easier to send, saving time and space. Once out of beta, a standard ZipShare Free account will enable users to connect to their cloud storage accounts and send files via email and social media. Users will also have the opportunity of upgrading to a ZipShare Pro or ZipShare Ultimate account, which will provide more options as outline on their purchase page.

“We know you love your cloud storage accounts. While it’s great to have all this space, it can be challenging to find, manage and share your files – especially if your accounts feel more like junk drawers than organized storage. ZipShare gives you a single app that makes it easy to take control of your files and safely share with your contacts. Interested in giving it a free test run? We welcome you to sign up for a free ZipShare beta account,” said Patrick Nichols, President of WinZip.

Those who sign up for the free limited-time beta program will not only get a ZipShare Free account, but also get full access to ZipShare Pro account features for the duration of the beta program. Once the beta program expires, beta accounts will be converted automatically to ZipShare Free accounts. Accounts will remain active and continue to offer storage for five days for up to 50MB of files sent with ZipShare. Users who upgrade to Pro or Ultimate accounts will have access to longer-term storage options.

Source: Marketwired