Monocle Blue

I’ve been surrounding myself with hipster friends since before it was cool. My wife has always had a “simple is better” motto since I’ve met her. Ever since our article on Native Union’s JUMP, my wife has been mesmerized by their hipster handset, the MONOCLE.

The MONOCLE is a unique product, with it’s combination of a speaker, headset and speakerphone all in one. No longer do you need to carry a Bluetooth earpiece, a Bluetooth mini-speaker & your headphones to complete all your smartphone duties. The MONOCLE comes with a colorful ultra-resistant nylon reinforced cable, making sure that your MONOCLE is sturdy while being stylish. The rubberized grooves on the volume control wheel make for a worry-free increase and decrease of volume. The high quality speaker gives you a fulfilling music experience, whether you’re at home or out at the beach partying with friends. What really blows me away about the MONOCLE is being able to hold it near your ear to use it like a headphone, but have the  need of just a simple gesture of twisting the volume wheel to turn it into a compact boom box.   You can daisy-chain up to 10 MONOCLES to create a more awesome listening environment, but sadly it’ll probably take a while to have a collection that numbers in the multiple digits between you & your peers.

You can buy a MONOCLE for yourself—available in four standard & two special premium colors—directly from Native Union, with a price of $49.99 for standard colors or $59.99 for special premium colors.