If you had plans to stay up all night on April 23rd to pre-order your very own OnePlus One, you might be met with disappointment.

Even though the device available to customers in a total of 16 markets at launch, OnePlus is implementing an “Invite” system to handle the initial rush of potential buyers.

The worst experience for consumers is probably when a company decides to sell in batches where you have to set a reminder to patiently wait for a batch, log onto the website to disappointingly find out that it got sold out. When you eventually get a chance to buy one, it’s actually a pre-order that you’ll need to wait a long time to receive again.

With an invite from OnePlus, you’ll be 100% sure that you’ll actually be able to buy it, and it ships within a few days. No need to be Mr Fastest Fingers in a refresh competition with 20,000 other people. 

So you are likely wondering how you’ll be able to get your hands on an invite? Invites will be made available through several channels: friend referrals, contests, and on the official OnePlus forums. Once you’ve bought a OnePlus One, you’ll also become eligible to invite your friends in the future.

The initial quantity of invites is expected to be very limited, but you can expect the amount to expand as time progresses and demand slows down.

Please Note: There are no invites to give away as of today, but we will likely see some invites become available before April 23rd.

Source: OnePlus Forums