KETO//OS Ketone Operating System

The US Dept of Defense and NASA have invested millions into an energy source for US Special Forces and Astronauts which makes them faster, stronger, and smarter.

Recently, a team of scientists have used this research and developed a biohacking technology that is proven to help supercharge the human body. Benefits such as; losing up to a pound of fat per day, more energy and focus, and even raise your IQ. You’ll be at peak performance.

Athletes, like Lebron James, the elite at NASA, the Navy Seals, and even the Shaolin Monks have experienced this energy source and some of the benefits of this technology. What these scientists have discovered, is a way to rewire the human metabolism to hack the body’s biochemistry using a different untapped fuel source.

When most people feel like they are tired, they actually have an abundance of energy locked away behind a firewall in their body. Today, because of a new ketone operating system technology and formula, a precise combination of natural oils and salts can quickly hack your body’s own biochemistry to provide more limitless energy. Allowing you to access this energy at will.

Most people just burn one fuel source, glucose, because of the modern diet. Today’s foods are all carbohydrate and sugar based. Glucose burns fast and can only keep your energy levels up for only a few short hours. A second fuel, called ketones, is designed for long periods of exertion while keeping your energy levels high, and your mind sharp.

Most people never realize their superhuman potential. Now, with this radical new breakthrough, there is finally a way for you to biohack into this limitless energy whenever you need it.


When word first got around about the power of ketones, a company called, Pruvit, created a proprietary formula called, KETO//OS, that would be the first product to provide exogenous ketones for your body. They understood exactly what this new technology meant and how to bring it to market for everyone to experience.

With KETO//OS, you can safely unlock your body’s full potential and experience the benefits of ketones at a therapeutic level. KETO//OS is lab tested, doctor approved, and 100% GRAS Safe. Just one dose is enough to give you hours of energy, mental clarity, and neuroprotection

A simple ketone test can show that KETO//OS is in fact working, and that your body’s biochemistry is now leveraging the power of a ketone operating system.

If you’d like to experience the power of ketones, you can order KETO//OS directly from the Pruvit Lab.

Learn more about KETO//OS and the benefits of exogenous ketones via the Keto Elevated website.

Ketosis And KETO//OS Explained