Otterbox Unveils Resurgence Power Case For iPhone 5/5s

There are two dreaded moments smartphone users are all too familiar with – a low battery notification and the impact during a drop. OtterBox...
Nomadplus Apple Charger

Nomad Introduces NomadPlus, The Upgraded Apple Charger

Nomad (the company behind the ChargeKey) has announced today that they've started taking pre-orders for their latest product NomadPlus, a 1,500mAh external battery pack that'll charge...

Lunecase Turns Unused Energy From The iPhone Into A Notification System

It’s a known fact that electronic devices emit very small amounts of electromagnetic energy.  Concepter has created Lune technology, which harnesses this energy to...
PWR Case

Prong Unveils “PWR” Case: World’s First All-in-One Power Solution for iPhone 5/5s

  The days of being on the go, looking at your iPhone, seeing your battery running low and knowing that you will soon have a dead...
Logitech Cases for iPad

Logitech Announces Three New iPad Cases

  Logitech has expanded its tablet case lineup with the introduction of three cases – the Logitech Hinge, the Logitech Big Bang and the Logitech...
iOS Update 7.1.1

Apple Releases iOS Update 7.1.1 For iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

Today, Apple has released iOS update 7.1.1, which is now available to download and install via over-the-air (OTA) and iTunes. The update is less than...

MagBak – The Thin iPad Mount You’ve Been Waiting For

It never fails. You're somewhere with your iPad and needing to mount it, but you've got nothing to hold it in place. Now, welcome...

Videotron Announces Availability Of iPhone 5s/5c For March 28th

Videotron, a Quebec-based wireless carrier announced on Friday plans to officially start selling both the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c on March 28th. This is...
Pacemaker for iPad

Pacemaker Now Available For iPad – First DJ App With Spotify

Months of effort and passion has been poured into the development of Pacemaker for iPad, the first DJ app with Spotify. With a design...
iOS in the Car

New Screenshots Leaked Of iOS In The Car Interface

Several new screenshots of the iOS in the Car interface have been revealed thanks to developer, Steven Troughton-Smith. iOS in the Car in integrates an...
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