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OnePlus One To Initially Launch In 16 Countries (Including Canada, US & UK)

OnePlus is just a week from launching the OnePlus One, and today they've finalized the 16 countries they will launch in, including the Canada,...

Rogers Offering Samsung Gear 2 Neo Price Cut With Every Galaxy S5 Purchase

It's no surprise that Rogers has an exclusive on the Samsung Gear 2 Neo here in Canada, but their launch price when bundled with the...

Rogers Launches SureTap Wallet

Today, Rogers is launching the suretap wallet, a new application that lets customers use their smartphones to make payments at tens of thousands of...
Oppo R1

Oppo R1 Smartphone Coming To North America

Oppo has just recently announces its pre-orders for the Find 7a in North America, but we might see a version of the R1 with US-capable LTE in...

OnePlus Pokes Fun At Samsung & HTC’s Latest Flagship Devices

This week might be filled with news of HTC & Samsung's newest flagship devices hitting stores, but that doesn't mean that OnePlus can't steal...

Samsung Brings Galaxy S5 & New Gear Devices To Global Market Today

Samsung Electronics today announced the commercial launch of the new Galaxy S5 and the Samsung Gear devices – Samsung Gear 2, Samsung Gear 2...

Bell Giving Away Raptors Tickets To Celebrate Samsung Galaxy S5 Launch

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is officially launching in several countries on Friday and Bell has an offer that might bring people into the store....

OnePlus One Specs To Include 3GB of RAM & 2.5GHz Snapdragon 801 Processor

OnePlus is finally shedding some light on why they made the decision to opt out of the Snapdragon 800 processor for OnePlus One in...

OnePlus One Will Be Powered By CyanogenMOD 11S

The OnePlus One is getting more hype than expected for a device that isn't for a renowned smartphone manufacturer. The first smartphone from former Oppo CEO...

Oppo Find 7a USA/International Versions Available For Pre-Order

The Oppo Find 7 has been one of the most talked about Chinese Android phones since its announcement, and today it has officially been...
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