GetGlue Rebranded To tvtag

GetGlue, the social network for TV fans is getting a rebranding early next week. Parent company i.TV has announced a new name, tvtag, effective...
Facebook Unfriend Notify

Unfriend Notify Alerts You When You Have Been Unfriended On Facebook

Facebook has matured into a place where you can meet and keep in touch with old and new friends. Even in this cyberworld, friendships...
Vine Trick Videos

Must See Compilation Of Vine Video Tricks

Filmmaker Zach King has some of the most amazing Vine video tricks out there. He's able to take only six seconds of video and...
SnapChat Hack Exploit

4.6 Million SnapChat Usernames and Numbers Captured By Anonymous

If you're a SnapChat user then you should be concerned. The hacker group Anonymous have exploited an API that has allowed them to download...
Facebook Video Ads

Here’s What Facebook Video Ads Will Look Like

For advertisers, Facebook introducing video ads into the newsfeed will become a most welcoming event. However, how will everyday users react to the new...

BBM Vetting Process Incorrectly Deleted Channels

BBM Channels has hit it's first serious bump in the road on its way to becoming a serious social network. Without any warning, a number...

Block Function Is Un-favourited By Twitter

Twitter seem to be having trouble finding the fine line of user security and free speech. In less than 24 hours, the social network...
Instagram Direct

Instagram Announces “Instagram Direct” Share Direct With Your Friends

Instagram has shown off its revolutionary new feature - direct sharing to others with Instagram Direct. The new version of Instagram allows you to share...
Social Network News Stats

Less Than 50% Of Facebook Users Get Their News From The Social Network

For as much time as many of us who spend time on Facebook, I find it a surprise that recent numbers from the Pew...
Twitter Logo

The Step By Step Evolution Of Twitter’s Logo

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but in the case of Twitter's logo, it's 140 amazingly packed characters. That's the magic...
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