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All New HTC One

T-Mobile to Offer the All-New HTC One with No Contract

So far we've seen the All-New HTC One announced at Telus, Sprint, AT&T, and now the device has been announced at T-Mobile as well....
HTC Roadmap

Something Old, Something New: Leaked Document Confirms Previous Generation HTC One Devices Will Update...

HTC is getting ready to unveil its next gen device, dubbed the "New HTC One" or HTC One M8 soon, and according to a...

Rumor: Verizon To Have Exclusivity On New HTC One (M8) In-Store At Launch

Over the last few days, we've heard speculation that Verizon will have a U.S. exclusive on the all new HTC One (M8) for a two-week period. According to...

New HTC One (M8) Appears In 14-Minute German Hands-On Video

We've been hearing numerous rumors of HTC’s upcoming new flagship smartphone for weeks now, and it looks like we will be in for tons of news...

The ‘All-New HTC One’ Press Renders Confirm Device Heading To Telus

HTC is set to announce its most hyped device of 2014 on March 25th. We already know that the device is currently codenamed the “M8″ and...
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