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iOS 7 Jailbreak

First iOS 7 Jailbreak Is Now Available To Download

iOS 7 has been officially available for months now without a complete and decent iOS 7 jailbreak - until today. So far, what other...
Tim Cook Apple CEO

Apple CEO Tim Cook Says “Big Plans” For 2014 In Letter To Employees

Today, Apple CEO Tim Cook sent out a letter to employees reflecting back on 2013 and how Apple products have reached "tens of millions"...
Instagram Direct

Instagram Announces “Instagram Direct” Share Direct With Your Friends

Instagram has shown off its revolutionary new feature - direct sharing to others with Instagram Direct. The new version of Instagram allows you to share...

Santa Claus Is Coming To USA Apple Owners

iOS users - you'd better not shout unless you're shouting for joy. For the first time, Apple are bringing the 12 Days of Gifts app...
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