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BBM Available For Gingerbread Android (2.3+) Devices

BBM has been available on Android for several months now, but with almost 25% of Android users running Gingerbread (Android 2.3), this was a...

BBM Find Friends Now on iPhone and Android

Those of you finding BBM extremely difficult use because it's so hard to find other friends that use it can finally breathe a sigh...

BBM Vetting Process Incorrectly Deleted Channels

BBM Channels has hit it's first serious bump in the road on its way to becoming a serious social network. Without any warning, a number...
BBM Icon for iOS 7

Designer Gives Take On BBM Icon For iOS 7 Flat Design

The popular BlackBerry messaging app, BBM, is just a few months old on the iOS platform and has so far added several million more...
BBM for iPad

Wifi-Only iPad & iPod Touch Now With BBM

BlackBerry has already released BBM for iOS phones running OS 6 or higher, and due to popular demand they have gone ahead and released...
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