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Rogers/Fido Launches Device Tune-Up Program For Smartphones

Rogers and Fido launched today their Device Tune-Up, a new Canada-wide, free in-store diagnostic tool that lets reps solve many their customers’ smartphones problems...

The Nokia Lumia 635 Now Available In Canada

It should be no surprise that Nokia had plans to bring new Lumia devices to Canada. The Microsoft-owned Finnish smartphone manufacturer announced earlier this week...
Nokia Lumia 625

Nokia Lumia 625 Available on Rogers and Fido

  The Nokia Lumia 625 is now available on Rogers and Fido from today. Following on from when we revealed that Nokia's Windows Phone would...

Nokia Lumia 625 Coming To Rogers/Fido On February 11th

The Nokia Lumia 625 was officially unveiled to the world over half a year ago, but in a few short weeks Rogers and Fido...
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