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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

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OnePlus & Cyanogen On Verge Of A Nasty Breakup

OnePlus seems to be having one heck of a brutal week since it announced the India launch of OnePlus One with Amazon next week. Cyanogen Inc.,...

OnePlus One Press Renders Appear Online 24 Hours Before Launch

The OnePlus One is scheduled to be unveiled in less than 24 hours, but that doesn't mean its too late for the leak floodgates...

Owning A OnePlus One Might Be An Elusive Club At Launch

If you had plans to stay up all night on April 23rd to pre-order your very own OnePlus One, you might be met with...
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OnePlus One To Initially Launch In 16 Countries (Including Canada, US & UK)

OnePlus is just a week from launching the OnePlus One, and today they've finalized the 16 countries they will launch in, including the Canada,...
Oppo R1

Oppo R1 Smartphone Coming To North America

Oppo has just recently announces its pre-orders for the Find 7a in North America, but we might see a version of the R1 with US-capable LTE in...

OnePlus One Specs To Include 3GB of RAM & 2.5GHz Snapdragon 801 Processor

OnePlus is finally shedding some light on why they made the decision to opt out of the Snapdragon 800 processor for OnePlus One in...

Oppo Find 7a USA/International Versions Available For Pre-Order

The Oppo Find 7 has been one of the most talked about Chinese Android phones since its announcement, and today it has officially been...

OnePlus Unveiling OnePlus One On April 23rd

OnePlus is finally doing it! They've provided April 23rd, 2014 as the official date for their unveiling of the OnePlus One! We're almost ready to...

OnePlus Has A Change Of Heart, Opting For Snapdragon 801 Processor

OnePlus had given strong reasons for deciding to put a Snapdragon 800 inside the OnePlus One. Those reasons included a performance vs. cost analysis, and...

The Oppo Find 7 Has Officially Launched And Here Are The Details

The Oppo Find 7 has been one of the most speculated and talked about Chinese Android phones to date, and today it has officially...