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Rogers and Fido launched today their Device Tune-Up, a new Canada-wide, free in-store diagnostic tool that lets reps solve many their customers’ smartphones problems...
GIF from YouTube

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Looking to capture a YouTube video into an Animated GIF, but don't want have to mess around with 3rd party converters that may or may...
top chrome apps for school

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School is back in session for 2014, and now that the reality of summer is gone it's time to get back to school and...
Top Music Streaming Services

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Thanks to music streaming services, we now have the ability to listen to unlimited songs. However, there are several options out there that can...
Mini Theater from Cardboard Box

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So you've been clamoring to put together that private theater room you've always dreamed about, but you're short on cash and won't have the funds...

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There are two dreaded moments smartphone users are all too familiar with – a low battery notification and the impact during a drop. OtterBox...